The Central Ontario Glider Group (COGG)  was formed in 1976 by previous members of the Cloud Base Soaring and other RC soaring clubs. It didn’t take long for the membership to grow, and with it the level and variety of RC glider activity for both sport and competition. COGG members have travelled far and wide to local, national, and international RC soaring competitions in Canada, the United States and Europe, flying in categories such as thermal endurance, speed and distance, cross country, slope soaring, and winter flying. Several of our members have achieved top qualification levels in the challenging League of Silent Flight programs. A distinguished few have qualified for teams representing Canada at FAI World Championship events. And we are proud to say it was all flying with pure gliders, never with any form of powered propulsion. Some of the original COGG members and founders are still active in this and other local RC clubs. The club was incorporated in 2010 and is sanctioned under the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada

RC glider flying continues to be a most enjoyable branch of model aviation.  At COGG we enjoy huge open grassy flying sites located on sod farms northwest of Toronto. The scope of model glider flying has expanded immensely over the past decade with all the recent developments in fabrication techniques, electric motors and batteries, and electronic equipment. Our club specializes in Climb and Glide where most of each flight is in pure glide. Most forms of this mode of flight are welcome at our fields including towed gliders, hand launch, electric-power, rubber-powered Free Flight, and electric SAM to name a few. Liquid fuelled engines are not permitted.

Our Mission

To fly F3J, Open Class, 2 meters and under, electric RC model aircraft
To have fun, in a friendly supportive organization
To further the sport of soaring with RC model aircraft
To encourage the interchange of knowledge of RC soaring
To promote competitive soaring within the group’s area by coordinating
and conducting contests
To encourage competitive soaring on a national and international scale